Crestar Partners works side-by-side with a wide range of intermediaries including investment banks, legal and accounting and consulting firms, corporate finance boutiques and M&A brokers. We place particular value recognizing that you, as a financial intermediary, play a critical role in the transaction process. We take pride in developing a mutually rewarding relationship with our intermediary alliances. We believe the relationship between Crestar Partners and our allied intermediaries provides for a more stable and qualified transaction opportunity.

As a top tier intermediary, your clients will be reassured when you advise and refer Crestar Partners as a financial partner. We can provide the financial and operational avenues that will enable your client to attain their personal and professional aspirations. If you are advising a client looking to raise private equity, we should be your primary choice as a potential investor.

We provide equity and lending options tailored to your client’s needs. Whether for growth capital, shareholder liquidity, recapitalizations, leveraged buyouts, and spin-off transactions, Crestar Partners can meet your client’s needs as a strategic financial and operational partner.

Many of your clients enjoy operating the daily aspects of their already successful business with control and autonomy. Crestar Partners is not an operating company, and relies on the leadership skills of the entrepreneur. Additionally, we have vast experience working with incumbent management teams formulating a management buy-out.

While Crestar Partners has distinct investment criteria, we keep a strategic focus on a variety of sectors outside of our core model. We present many opportunities to our allied intermediaries for potential investment beyond our focus that may meet the criteria of other intermediary clients.

Our experience spans a broad spectrum of business expertise including direct operating experience in distribution, direct marketing, business services and consumer products. Our record of helping companies realize the extraordinary shareholder value is a fundamental mission of our firm, offering intermediaries comfort and assurance that your client will receive unsurpassed service and attention.

Crestar Partners

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